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How to Lockdown-proof your Retail Business in 2021 Strategies for success in the face of Covid-19 lockdowns

Do you feel confident in this lockdown ending soon? Can anyone give a guarantee that it was the last one? Here are a few ways you can protect your business!
Maria Vasilikou

The Best Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

In this article, we give you the best, low cost approaches to take for your small business marketing campaigns. Take a look and see what might work for your business!
Maria Vasilikou

How to Keep Your Store Open During Lockdowns: Three proven strategies for maintaining sales during retail shutdowns

The lockdown may be coming to an end... but there's no guarantee it won't happen again. Here's how brick-and-mortar business owners can prepare.
Maria Vasilikou

The Best Viral Store Marketing in 2020 (…so far)

Are you a marketer/business owner looking for marketing inspiration? In this article we discuss some of the best marketing examples that came out of 2020.
Maria Vasilikou

5 Reasons Marketing Physical Stores is More Important Now Than Ever

The pandemic of 2020 changed the game for marketing physical stores. Here are 5 reasons why and what you can do about it.
Maria Vasilikou

Best Practices for an Effective Loyalty Stamp Campaign

An effective loyalty stamp campaign can turn prospects into customers and customers into fans! But how do you create an "effective" loyalty stamp campaign?
Maria Vasilikou

Top 3 Reasons to Offer Cashback to Customers

Why should you offer cashback to your customers? There are many reasons but we tried our best and picked the Top 3!
Maria Vasilikou

Best examples of personalised discounts

All the available data today makes it easier for brands to implement great personalised promotions. Here are some of the best examples!
Maria Vasilikou

Why Cashback Programmes Are an Essential Strategy During a Recession

Trying to save your business during an economic recession? An invaluable tool you can utilise to get through the worst of it is the tried and true Cashback Programme!
Maria Vasilikou

Best customer data tools in 2020

Trying to find the right customer data platform for your business? We've put together a short overview of the best tools out in 2020!
Maria Vasilikou

The Essential Customer Data Weekly Checklist

Want to ensure the continuous growth of your business? Then it's time to stop guessing and start knowing instread! This is where Customer Data comes in.
Maria Vasilikou