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Top 3 reasons customers make loyalty purchase decisions

Loyalty programs are considered a 'must-have' for any modern business that wants to thrive and improve customer retention. We'll take a closer look at the top 3 reasons why customers choose to shop with the same brands repeatedly. What exactly drives their loyalty purchase decisions?
Alexey Gutin

Marketing checklist for location-based businesses

As the entire world deals with the reality of the COVID-19 pandemic, the economy and the business world have also faced multiple challenges. Use this checklist as a guide to create a COVID-sensitive marketing strategy for your reopening.
Alexey Gutin

What systems to use for customer data collection?

Data has rapidly become one of the most valuable resources across all industries. For a modern business of any size, gathering customer data has now become a huge priority. The question that many business owners have is, what tools and systems can they use to collect data?
Alexey Gutin

What is the consumer psychology of discounting?

According to a study by a Harvard professor, people mostly make purchase decisions based on emotion. So how can you better understand the psyche of your target audience to persuade them to buy from you? A tactic that has been tried and true across retailers of all categories is discounting.
Alexey Gutin

Cashback Management Tools and Tricks

Cashback has become more and more common for businesses of all sizes across the UK. It is now essential to know how you can take advantage of cashback practices for your business. Have you wondered how to create a cashback system for your business but not sure where to start?
Alexey Gutin

What Customer Data Should You Be Collecting?

Want to grow your customer base and better service your existing customers? One of the most well-established ways of doing this is by leveraging any customer data you have. Don’t have any up-to-date customer data yet? Now's the time to think about starting to collect some.
Alexey Gutin

Checklist For A Profitable Discount Campaign

Discount campaigns are one of the most popular and common ways to boost your business profits. They can work effectively for all types and sizes of businesses. To help you get started, we’ve put together a checklist to help you create a discount campaign that can help your business grow.
Alexey Gutin

What makes a successful customer loyalty programme

Achieving customer loyalty right is undoubtedly a difficult task. According to a recent study by CapGemini, a majority of current customer loyalty programs are failing, despite the industry’s on-going efforts to digitise the experience.
Alexey Gutin

Do store loyalty cards work?

Since Tesco introduced customers to the Clubcard in 1995, we’ve seen thousands of retailers launch their own store loyalty cards. These loyalty schemes have been very popular but they also present some problems.
Alexey Gutin

4 Challenges Your SME Business Faces When Implementing Customer Loyalty Programmes

It’s no secret that big brands invest heavily in marketing tactics to increase customer loyalty and drive acquisition. What most businesses haven’t yet managed to conquer, though, is serving their customers with a personalised experience and an individual approach.
Alexey Gutin

Why is Cashback on Purchase a must-have customer loyalty instrument?

Loyalty schemes are hugely popular in the UK. A prominent report from YouGov reveals that three-quarters of Britons are members of at least one loyalty programme. YouGov’s report also revealed that 72% of Brits consider loyalty schemes to be a good way to reward consumers.
Alexey Gutin