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Best Practices for an Effective Loyalty Stamp Campaign

An effective loyalty stamp campaign can turn prospects into customers and customers into fans! But how do you create an "effective" loyalty stamp campaign?
Maria Vasilikou

The Most Effective Ways a Brand Can Create Customer Loyalty

In order to survive, your business needs to have a Customer Loyalty strategy. Here is a short overview of the best ways to do this!
Maria Vasilikou

Top 3 reasons customers make loyalty purchase decisions

Loyalty programs are considered a 'must-have' for any modern business that wants to thrive and improve customer retention. We'll take a closer look at the top 3 reasons why customers choose to shop with the same brands repeatedly. What exactly drives their loyalty purchase decisions?
Alexey Gutin

What Customer Data Should You Be Collecting?

Want to grow your customer base and better service your existing customers? One of the most well-established ways of doing this is by leveraging any customer data you have. Don’t have any up-to-date customer data yet? Now's the time to think about starting to collect some.
Alexey Gutin

What makes a successful customer loyalty programme

Achieving customer loyalty right is undoubtedly a difficult task. According to a recent study by CapGemini, a majority of current customer loyalty programs are failing, despite the industry’s on-going efforts to digitise the experience.
Alexey Gutin

4 Challenges Your SME Business Faces When Implementing Customer Loyalty Programmes

It’s no secret that big brands invest heavily in marketing tactics to increase customer loyalty and drive acquisition. What most businesses haven’t yet managed to conquer, though, is serving their customers with a personalised experience and an individual approach.
Alexey Gutin