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What Customer Data Should You Be Collecting?

What Customer Data Should You Be Collecting?

Want to grow your customer base and better service your existing customers? One of the most well-established ways of doing this is by leveraging any customer data you have.

Customer data is undoubtedly one of the most valuable tools for business growth. Use it to:

  • Engage with your existing customers
  • Optimise marketing strategies to reach new customers
  • Improve your product offering
  • Send out more personalised communications and offers

Don’t have any up-to-date customer data yet? Now's the time to think about starting to collect some.

The challenge? Working out which data you can gather while keeping customers happy.  Ask for too much, and you could potentially turn your customers off. Ask for too little, and you will not have actionable insights that will make a positive difference.

Not quite sure what data you should (and can) gather from customers? You’re in the right place. Read on to find out what customer data you should collect to grow and improve your business:

1. Build a customer database with key contact information

Maintaining an up-to-date customer database is vital to growing your business. It enables you to reach your customers directly with any marketing messages or product announcements.

Begin with the basics - email addresses. Collect these by asking customers to subscribe to your email database on your website.

Customers are putting their trust in you when they give you their personal information and email address. Retain their trust by following the below:

  • Don’t ask customers for more data than you need
  • Follow GDPR guidelines. Ensure customers can actively opt- in and easily opt- out
  • Don’t spam customers or sell their information to third parties - this is a sure-fire way to lose their trust!

2. Find out how customers discovered your business

Learning how your customers found your company can help you measure how effective your marketing campaigns are. Use this data to optimise future marketing strategies.

With every new marketing experiment, you should plan to measure the results. It might take trial and error, but that is how you can find something that works exceptionally well for you and your customers.

3. Find out why your customers churn

One of the most critical pieces of customer data that you can collect? Finding out why any customers have decided to move on. Although eliminating churn isn’t possible, you can find out how to improve it.

Collect this vital piece of data by emailing customers that have decided to no longer buy from you. Use these insights to improve your customer experience. And maybe win the old customers back in the process.

4 . Look at customer purchase history to personalise your communications

Develop your relationship with your customers by personalising any communications to fit their wants and needs. Find out more about their interests by taking a look at their past purchases, and use this data to send more relevant content, discounts, and offers.

You’d be surprised how few businesses effectively leverage this data!

5. Use surveys to track your Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Send out a survey to existing customers. Ask them how likely they are to recommend your product/service to their friends, on a scale of 1 to 10. Use this data to calculate your Net Promoter Score (NPS).

Make sure you ask them why they gave your businesses the rating that they did, and use these valuable insights to improve your offering.

Can OMG help with customer data?

At OMG, we’re building tools to help business owners take control of their loyalty campaigns.

While building a payment solution for our fast-growing network of customers, who are active buyers and love discounts, we’re also working hard to give our partners something truly unique.

This is why we’re making OMG Portal, completely free.  It requires no hardware, no staff training, and puts you in charge of your discount promotions.

OMG Portal lets you analyse the performance of your campaigns to understand your customers better and gather valuable insights that will make a difference to your business.

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