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What systems to use for customer data collection?

What systems to use for customer data collection?

In our increasingly digitised world, data has rapidly become one of the most valuable resources across all industries. In particular, customer data gives companies useful insights into their audience and a competitive advantage over those companies without access to it.

For a modern business of any size, gathering customer data has now become a huge priority. The question that many business owners have is, what tools and systems can they use to collect data?

The good news is that some great tech tools have been designed specifically to help you capture customer data with ease. Let’s take a closer look at some of the easiest ways to start capturing and collecting customer data.

Create an online form


This is the simplest and most direct way for any business owner to start collecting customer data. All you have to do is create an online form. Customers can choose to fill this when they buy your product or wish to subscribe to your service.

So, what do you ask for in a data collection form? We’d recommend asking for a name and email address at the very least. Asking for too much data could be off-putting for some customers, so focus on collecting the core data you need to reach customers.

Collect data from website cookies


Thanks to modern technology, it’s now possible to gather customer data from your website - if it’s equipped with cookies, that is. Cookies make it possible for you to track where users are browsing, even once they’ve left your site.

Install cookies onto your site, and you can use them to discover where your customers have been and what they’ve been looking at online. This gives you the ability to gather valuable insight about your customers and retarget them with relevant ads once they’ve ventured off your site.

Services such as Google Ads and Facebook Pixel make it easy for smaller businesses to make use of cookies. If you’d like to find out more about how to make use of these tools and services, get in touch with us, and we’d be happy to help.

Dig into your own records

You may be sitting on valuable customer data without even realising it! Take some time to review your customer transaction histories and sales records. This can help you build a picture of how and what your customers are buying across your range.

Want to know more about where to improve your business? You can also check old support tickets to see where there may be glitches or common issues in your customer experience. Finding those could be an opportunity to rectify past errors and improve as a business.

Track where your emails are being opened


Got a list of email subscribers? You can use email tracking to find out where recipients have opened an email and on what device. This is simple data that can prove valuable as you try to build a more complete picture of your customer base.

Purchase customer data from third-party data companies

Worried that you don’t have the technical tools or expertise to collect data yourself? Luckily, there are companies dedicated to collecting, analysing and selling data to businesses, such as Nielsen and Acxiom. If you have the budget to invest in this, we’d highly recommend it. You can purchase hugely insightful customer data to use for your next targeted advertising campaign.

Got more questions about data collection? We would be happy to help.


At OMG, we’re aware that data collection can feel daunting if you haven’t done it before. That is why, we want to make it easy for all business owners and merchants to gather data. And the tools we are building for you can make this process easy and stress free. We can also help you analyse the data that you collect and turn it into actionable insight.

Head to our website to find out more.

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