Get more
customer purchases
with Cashback
Get new customers, increase sales volume or fill empty days and hours with flexible OMG Cashback campaigns.
Key numbers
As little as £1 per one real
purchase from a new
Up to 30% growth in sales
volume on average
Up to 50% increase
customer visits in your
empty hours
Cashback is a form of customer incentive that pays back a part of the purchase price after the sale is made, instead of discounting the product price.
Unlike traditional discounts, cashback does not devalue/discount your products but is seen by customers as a reward and significantly increases customer loyalty.
OMG Cashback is unique!
We fund the cashback on behalf of the businesses at the moment when the purchase is made and settle with businesses later.
Goals you can achieve
with OMG Cashback
Attract new customers
OMG cashback is unique because we fund the cashback on behalf of the businesses at the moment when the purchase is made and settle with businesses later.
Increase sales volume
As little as 5% OMG Cashback campaign increases customer purchases frequency and overall spending volume up to 34% on average! Thousands of active OMG shoppers are constantly searching for the best deals.
Fill empty days & hours
Attract customers when you really need them. OMG Cashback campaign settings allow you to choose particular weekdays and daytime when your campaign will be active and visible for people in your chosen area.
Periodic sale campaigns
If you need an effective sell out in a short period of time, with OMG Cashback campaigns you can design and run a temporary discount campaign without any hussle. No staff training is needed, just launch your cashback campaign and enjoy sales growth.
Customer psychology explained
Recent customer behavioral studies have shown that receiving reward stimulates a strong positive attitude towards a brand thereby significantly increasing customer loyalty.
OMG™ Cashback Benefits
30 %
increase in sales for businesses with an active Cashback campaign.
50 %
of customers positively changed their behaviour towards a brand.
57 %
of consumers decided to make a first purchase when the reward is provided.
How it works
Design your campaign in a few easy steps
Enjoy customer visits and purchases
Analyse campaign performance and adjust settings
OMG will publish all of your chosen locations and Cashback campaign details in our unique in-app online catalog
How much does it cost?
There are no monthly fees or annual contracts. OMG will collect up to 5% of the cashback provided to customers with up to 3-months free trial to guarantee efficiency of the Campaign.
With OMG you always only pay for results