In-house customer credit solution
Partnering with OMG is the best way to boost sales and increase your average order value. You get more customers, who buy more, and do it more often.
Simple in-house credit solution
Allow your customers to buy with a better alternative to credit. With OMG, you get paid straight away in full, whilst customers pay us later with interest-free installments.
Key numbers
Up to 65% increase in average order value from shoppers paying with instalments.
22% increase in shopper’s purchase frequency
Financing users on average spend 2.5 times as much as other customer
Create radically better shopping experiences for your customers and boost sales. No fees, no interest and no credit checks.
A natural way to stimulate increased customer purchases.
Customers can pay up to 180 days later without any hassle
Significant boost in purchasing power of your customers
Increase customer satisfaction and the number of returning customers
up to
of users
will abandon their purchase if instalment options are not available
It takes 5 minutes to set up!
Configure campaign rules using OMG Partners Portal with your personal account manager.
When customers pay at your location, OMG finances the purchase. You get paid in full at the point of sale.
Customers pay back to OMG within the agreed period of time without any fees or interest.
24% more items per basket with pay in 30 days
OMG gives merchants full control of the installment rules.
Your campaign price will depend on the length of interest-free period:
Customer pay later up to
30 days
Merchant costs up to
65% increase
in average order value
from shoppers that choose to pay later.