Get more customer
purchases with
Digital Stamps
Increase repeat customer visits, identify and reward the most loyal customers with OMG™ Digital Stamps.
Key numbers
85% increase in customer
purchase frequency
65% more loyal long-term
2x increase in customer
OMG Digital Stamps are a modern alternative to legacy paper stamps and an easy way to significantly increase the number of repeat customer visits.
Goals you can achieve
with OMG Digital Stamps
Increase the number of repeat customer visits
Digital Stamps effectively increase repeat customer visits up to 100% by digitalising traditional paper stamp campaigns. Customers are incentivised to make repeat purchases to receive their cash reward.
Increase customer purchase frequency
Get more customers who buy more often. OMG uses advanced gamification techniques to stimulate customers to visit merchant locations more often in order to receive their reward.
Identify the most loyal customers
OMG Digital stamps help you reward and identify returning customers based on the customer visit history and stamp campaign performance.
OMG Stamp Campaigns are automatically promoted to the most active buyers in your area, incentivising repeat visits and increasing average spend per customer.
How it works
Design a campaign by setting a number of required visits and a customer reward.
Enjoy customers visiting your Brand location and collecting stamps.
Get detailed reports and identify the loyal customers who visit your business most often.
Up to 100% increase in customer repeat visits
with OMG™ Digital Stamps.